June 16th, 2010

My Short Story "Cats in Victory" on the StarShipSofa Podcast

I should mention that the podcast for my short story "Cats in Victory" was co-produced by StarShipSofa, and also appears in their Episode 141 alongside "Pressure" by thriller writer Jeff Carlson. I've been listening to StarShipSofa since the beginning, so it's fun to have something appear there.

If you've read "Cats in Victory" and want to comment on it, you can do so over at Lightspeed. There are a handful of comments so far. Brett writes, "I was a little turned off at first that it was going to be a fantasy story, but my curiosity got the better of me. I’m glad I kept reading." Marianne writes, "Great story. I really enjoyed it." And Chris writes, "Loved this. Loved it so much. Well done."

Over on my Facebook page, Katie writes, "I think you read this at Alpha ('08). I loved this story!" To which I replied, "Yup, this is the same story I read at Confluence in '08. I remember that some people didn't get to hear the end of it because they were all like, 'Oh, we have to go see the guest of honor speech blah blah blah.' Some friends they are. I was tempted to never publish this story just so those people would never get to find out how it ends, but finally I decided to take mercy on them." To which Katie replies, "Well, I'm glad it's finally published! I've been telling friends about this story and now they can read it!" Rachel adds, "Oh, yeah, I remember this story! And you should consider the heretics who failed to listen to the whole story justly punished, since they had to wait until now for the final revelation of Cat's will. Like Katie, I'm glad it's now in a place where I can make people read it."

Thanks everyone for your comments!