June 29th, 2010

"Cats in Victory" Review at ActuSF.com Forum

Here's a review of "Cats in Victory" from the ActuSF forum. It's in French, so I've taken the liberty of running it through Babel Fish:

Cats in Victory de David Barr Kirtley really did me hot in the middle. A ground populated by men cats created millenia ago by men who started from then a long time. But there are also men dogs whom one believes disappeared. And when men cats and men dogs meet again it can be only one disaster. Unless a badly liked feeling do not come to change the things: curiosity. In short one spoke about positive SF it does not have there so a long time. This text is a splendid example in spite of its wrongfully naive tone. And it is a nice homage in Cordwainer Smith some share.

Of course, doing you hot in the middle is definitely one of my goals, so I'm glad to hear that I'm succeeding.