July 2nd, 2010

Lightspeed Magazine July 2010

Here's the cover of the July issue of Lightspeed magazine, which features fiction by George R. R. Martin, Tobias Buckell, Carol Emshwiller, and Genevieve Valentine. The gorgeous cover art is "Artificial Dream" by Julie Dillon. As always, you can chip in a few bucks and download the entire issue now, or drop by the website throughout the month and read the content as it's released for free online.

lightspeed magazine july 2010 cover julie dillon art

Cut Copy Hearts on Fire Music Video

Ha. This video is awesome:

In one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books there's a guy and it's always raining everywhere he goes, and he's pathologically depressed because of it, and he keeps a journal of everywhere he travels just so he can show people and they can check it that yes, it always, always rains wherever he is. Then at the end of one chapter it briefly switches to the point of view of the rainclouds, and it turns out that they regard this guy as a sort of rain god, and the best way they can think of to show their love for him is to follow him everywhere he goes and shower their rain down upon him. This video sort of reminds me of that.