July 11th, 2010

Dave and Hobbes Lying on the Couch

I'm going through some old discs looking for early stories, and I came across this photo of me and Hobbes. I think I'm about twenty here:

So I copied the pic over to my new laptop, where it just happened to end up in a folder near this photo from last year:

Plus ca change...

Caerion PASCAL Game

Hey, no way! Wow, there's lot of great stuff on this old CD. For example, I found a copy of my old game "Caerion," which I programmed in PASCAL back in high school. I thought it lost forever. I even got it running on my MacBook using a free DOS emulator called Boxer:

I had big plans for this game (hence the overly-optimistic designation of map "6"), but not long after this version was created I ran up against a memory limit in my PASCAL compiler, and I decided to move on to other programming languages. So the game's only got two maps. This makes the Gauntlet-style single player/co-op mode ("Quest") a bit pointless (and the monsters move way too fast in my emulator), but the Doom-style multiplayer deathmatch mode ("Duel") is still pretty fun, and my friends and I actually spent a fair amount of time playing it. And it's available now as FREE download! If nothing else you should witness the devastating power of the "Firedeath" spell; I'm still pretty proud of that one.


HOW TO PLAY: Press S to summon the blue player. Use W, A, D, and X to move. Some doors can only be opened with the appropriate key. Pick up melee weapons and spells. Press Z to switch between melee weapons. If two players bump into each other, both take damage depending on the other's melee weapon. Press Q and E to rotate the white arrow that aims the direction of your spells. Press S to cast a spell. Press C to switch between spells. Players can't cast spells if an opponent is standing in an adjacent square. If you die, press S to respawn. The controls for the other players are the same, except using the G, L, and 5 keys in place of S. (If your keyboard doesn't have a Tic-Tac-Toe style number pad, the gray player is going to be basically unplayable.)

Pixel Art

More old stuff. Here are some art assets from a few different games I fooled around on. Oh giant pixels, how I've missed you.