August 14th, 2010

More on Colloidal Silver

In reponse to my post on colloidal silver turning skin blue, John Willy writes:

I am taking colloidal silver for sinus congestion, etc., and it works great. There are no harmful side effects at all. It is completely natural. To turn blue, my doctor states that you would need to take 2 bottles of silver a day for 70+ years. I am taking a couple teaspoons a day for a few months.

Hi John. To say that something is "completely natural" doesn't indicate anything about its safety. Many, many poisons, from arsenic to deadly nightshade, are completely natural. There are countless reports online from people who are much younger than seventy who have suffered severe adverse health effects (turning blue is just one extreme example) from taking colloidal silver. Most chronic conditions fluctuate over time, so it's very difficult to say with any certainty whether one person's improvement is due to a particular treatment or not. That's why it's necessary to do statistically significant studies involving thousands of subjects to establish whether a treatment actually works or not. I strongly encourage you to do more research on colloidal silver, as I think the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence suggests that it's not an effective treatment.