September 25th, 2010

Random Egoboo

Random egoboo:

My name turned up on this page devoted to the topic "What was the best short story you read in the last ten years?" Royce Wood writes, "'The Trial of Thomas Jefferson' by David Barr Kirtley changed the way I think about everything. Literally."

Also, Facebook has a (new?) function where it creates a page listing everyone who "likes" each topic, so there's one for David Barr Kirtley. Currently there are a grand total of four people who "like" me. Two are friends of mine (thanks, guys!). Two are strangers, and one of them lives in Indonesia. I was sufficiently curious about what I might have written that got me listed as a favorite author by someone in Indonesia that I sent her a message inquiring about that, but I haven't heard back.

The first time I ever saw myself listed as a favorite author on a social networking site was back in the days of Myspace when I came across the profile of a teenager named "Goat Vomit" -- obviously a young man of discriminating taste. I messaged him, and it turned out all he'd read by me was one story ("They Go Bump"), but I guess that was enough.

I recently tried searching for "short story art" in Google image search and the first things that came up were for my story "Family Tree." That was quite a surprise.

In other art news, today I came across a piece of digital art I really like: by Patricio Betteo. Check it out.

A Question

Anyone know the answer to this? I've heard that soda is dehydrating because of all the sugar and caffeine. My question is, if you were lost in the desert and dying of thirst and all you had was a bottle of soda, would you be better off drinking it or not? Is it like drinking salt water? Or is not as bad as people make it out to be? Citatations?