October 24th, 2010

Fair Game Movie Trailer

Trailer for Fair Game, based on the true story of Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA agent whose cover was blown by Bush administration officials in order to punish her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, for revealing that the story Bush told in his State of the Union address about Saddam Hussein attempting to purchase nuclear materials from Africa was known to be untrue.

Science and Faith in the Black Community

The lecture Dialogue of Reason: Science and Faith in the Black Community begins with Richard Dawkins explaining his T-shirt reading We Are All Africans. He notes that our ancestors emerged from Africa only about 100,000 years ago -- no time at all to an evolutionary biologist. He goes on to note that:

If you look at the molecules of modern human races they are astonishingly uniform, and such variation as there is is mostly within Africa, so that suggests that the deepest divides of cousinship in our species are within Africa. The whole of the rest of the world is a very, very recent branch off the human species. If you look at the amount of variation within the human species genetically, it's extremely low; we are a very, very uniform species, compared to other species, even chimpanzees. It's been said that if you take two chimpanzees from the same forest in Africa, they're likely to be more different from each other genetically than any two humans in the world.