October 25th, 2010

Hugh Hefner on Ray Bradbury and Charles Beaumont

Here's Ray Bradbury and Hugh Hefner discussing Fahrenheit 451 (which was serialized in Playboy). Hefner also mentions this interesting bit about Charles Beaumont, which I wasn't aware of:

The first original story to appear in Playboy was by Charles Beaumont and it was called "Black Country," and it was about a black musician, and a year after that he brought us a science fiction story that Esquire had rejected because of its controversy ... the title of it was "The Crooked Man," and it was the story of a future society in which gay was the way of things and heterosexual was the aberration, and was persecuted, and in the 1950s that was a very controversial notion, believe me ... And I was very proud to have published it, and Charles Beaumont had a long and illustrious -- until his untimely death -- connection to us, and for his contribution, along with the many things Ray himself brought to us, I am forever grateful.