November 3rd, 2010

io9's Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast Interviews Charles Yu

Episode 24 of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is now available, featuring an interview with Charles Yu, author of the new novel How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe. Yu was named one of the Top 5 Writers Under 35 by the National Book Foundation, and his short story "Standard Loneliness Package," about a world in which people outsource their unpleasant experiences to India, just went live on Lightspeed. This episode also features John and me chatting about some of our favorite time travel stories.

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast io9 Charles Yu Interview

Ron Gilbert Penny Arcade Expo Keynote Address

On Friday Geek's Guide to the Galaxy will be interviewing Ron Gilbert, creator of The Secret of Monkey Island and Deathspank, so I've been doing a bit of online research on Ron, in the course of which I came across this keynote address he delivered last year at the Penny Arcade Expo. It's hilarious and moving and definitely worth checking out. Here's a sample:

So at the end of the day I would watch all the skiers come into the lodge. Some of them were covered in snow, others were clean and barely a speck stuck to them. I used to think it was the good skiers that were clean and the bad skiers that were caked in snow from falling down all the time. But what I came to realize was the exact opposite was true. It was actually the good skiers that were covered in snow from head to toe because they were pushing themselves, pushing themselves to the breaking point and then beyond it. These were the skiers that were skiing off the back side of the mountain, the skiers taking the jumps and wiping out nine out of every ten times. These were the skiers that were not afraid to fail.

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy the #9 Literature Podcast ... WTF?

So I went and checked out the Literature podcasts category over at the iTunes store to see if Geek's Guide to the Galaxy would show up on the list anywhere. I figured it was a long shot, but I thought we might sneak in at number 197 or something. But this is what it's showing me:

Is that for real? Are those results personalized for me or something? Anyway, move over Oprah, there's a new media empire in town.