November 23rd, 2010

100 Rogues Designer Keith Burgun on KPRISN36.WAD, Best Doom Deathmatch Map Ever

Keith Burgun, lead designer of the awesome 100 Rogues iPhone game, writes in response to my blog post "Best Doom Deathmatch Map Ever":

I can totally vouch for this as one of the greatest Doom deathmatch levels ever devised! I absolutely love KPrison, Dave, so much that I ripped several elements of it off in various maps of my own. I even had one map that I called “KSFALLS,” and I think I just added the K because I wanted it to sound like it was like kprison (The “S” was because it was “slime-falls”).

John Joseph Adams to Edit The Book of Cthulhu

Via John Joseph Adams:

I’m editing another anthology of reprint fiction for Night Shade Books, this time focused on Cthulhu/Mythos fiction. It will be called The Book of Cthulhu and will be released sometime next fall. As I’ve done with most of my other anthologies, I’d like to solicit recommendations, so if you have any outstanding examples of Cthulhu fiction you’d to point out to me, please feel free to let me know about them by entering them into my Cthulhu/Mythos Fiction Database.