December 6th, 2010

First Way of the Wizard Amazon Review

The first review for The Way of the Wizard gives the book 5 stars and comments on my story "Family Tree":

I love this book. I have read George Martin's "In the Lost Lands," Susanna Clarke, John R. Fultz, and David Barr Kirtley stories so far. All are excellent. David Barr Kirtley's "Family Tree" feels more like an excerpt from a novel. The ending left me somewhat disappointed. Overall the book managed to completely avoid Harry Potter knockoffs and concentrated instead on sense of wonder, magic lands, and fairy tale atmosphere, at least in the stories I read so far. Would have been nice to have Patrick Rothfuss, Michael Shea, and James P. Blaylock in this one, but this is just IMHO. Thanks for the great book!!!