December 16th, 2010

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Ron Gilbert Interview Feedback

Nifty! Ron Gilbert linked to our interview from his Twitter account. We always appreciate it when people do that.

And here are two nice comments:

Dr-Doomsayer writes: "Great podcast as always, guys. It was like traveling back 25 years into my past -- and then back again! As always, the best geek podcast online."

And nbd9000 writes: "Perfect timing! I just started working my way through the Monkey Island games again, introducing them to my wife, and this was a nice easter egg! On another note: about the Infocom version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The trick was to not do anything! If you tried to actively solve puzzles, you would inadvertently die, but if you mirrored Arthur Dent's complete lack of action from the book, the game would actually beat itself. It was sort of an in-joke, and the only Infocom game that would do so."