December 18th, 2010

Tea Thyme and Lavender

Sounds like you want to avoid Tea Thyme and Lavender in Portland, Oregon. Author Mary Robinette Kowal just had her car towed from their parking lot and was charged $252. Even though she has a receipt showing that she shopped there less than an hour before her car was towed, the business refuses to refund her money and has been unacceptably rude in dealing with her. Perhaps they should consider changing their name to Tea Thyme and Larceny.

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy New Versions

Juhan writes: "Hey, what exactly do you mean by the 'polished up' version? I mean: I love the podcast (both the old at Tor and the new one at io9) and I totally dig Bacigalupi's work, but hell, I don’t want to listen to the same thing twice. How exactly are these 'new' versions better? And will you keep re-making all of them? Thanks."

Hi Juhan. Our deal with io9 is to do new episodes twice a month. We also decided it would be good to repost all our old episodes from on io9, so that all the episodes will be together in one place. In order to maximize the number of people who notice the posts, we decided to post one rerun at a time, in the off weeks between new episodes. When we started doing the show, John and I had zero experience with podcasting or audio editing, and I had zero experience interviewing people over the phone. When I re-listened to our first episode, I thought it sounded pretty bad: long stretches of dead air, abrupt cutoffs, loud inhalations, volume fluctuations, awkwardly delivered questions, etc. There's a limit to what I can do to fix it at this point, but I fiddled around with it as best I could and rerecorded a few of the lines. The new versions don't include any new content, so you're not missing anything if you skip them. They're mostly for io9 readers who never heard the episodes the first time around. I don't know yet how much editing work I'll do on the other old episodes before reposting them. I'll evaluate it on a case-by-case basis.