December 19th, 2010

Birthday Report 2010

So for my birthday today I asked folks if they could rate my podcast over at iTunes. Seeing as I have 454 Facebook friends, I was expecting maybe one or two of them would actually do it, as prior experience has taught me that, for reasons I don't entirely understand, persuading people to open up iTunes and rate a podcast is about as difficult as getting them to eat live scorpions.

Anyway, I actually had three people rate my podcast today, so I guess that exceeded expectations. So thanks you three whoever you are. Thanks also to Matt Squires and MythReindeer, who wrote actual reviews in just the last few days. Today's lone and much-appreciated review comes from John Oliver, who writes:

Great Find of 2010. I've been listening to this show from the beginning, and I absolutely look forward to every episode. John & Dave's humor punctuated by great interviews with a variety of people in the geek-o-sphere. This is the best variety geek show around. Not to mention my regular dose of King's Quest references each episode. Tell your friends. Tell your hamsters. Tell Everyone needs to know.

Thanks, John! In other news, last night I stayed with some friends in San Francisco, and today we went over to the de Young art museum. Definitely the coolest thing I saw there was this cathedral-shaped reliquary which contains an actual human spine and which is made entirely out of bullets and gun parts.